“Taking into account that [MRketLV] was our first approach to the United States market, the balance is very positive. Not only for the quality of the retailers, but by the way we were greeted by the Directorate and the entire organization of the fair.”

Pedro S. Pinto

“I really like the MRket show in Las Vegas. It’s the best fit for us from a national standpoint. We had a good show in August - very productive! I’m happy with the buyers I met with and had quality appointments. Also, the MRket team is seamless; they’re very good and always provide excellent customer service.”

Peter Lewis

“Our experience with MRket has been great! The New York and Las Vegas shows allow us to reach out to all the best stores in America from the East Coast to the West Coast. MRket is able to keep the retailers coming and buyers seem excited about product again. The MRket show is increasing our business. The exposure of being in this show increases our volume. It seems to get better and better for us every show.”

David Schuster

“We go to just about every MRket show in Las Vegas and I don’t think there’s anything y’all can improve on! It’s easy to work and the quality of exhibitors in August was good.”

Chad Westenburg
Raffkind's (Amarillo, TX)

“It’s important for us to be at MRketLV because we’re so isolated being in Montana and don’t see those designers all year. We make our appointments early and the August show went very smooth. It was a successful trip for us.”

Don Alweis
Jasons (Billings, MT)

“The MRket sales team is excellent as well as the whole organization that puts on the show.”

Tino Girombelli

“From set-up to tear down, it [MRketNY] was smooth, fun and busy with customers. We count it as most successful and look forward to participating in January 2014.”

Bill R.Mickey
Concord Gentlemen's Accessories

“Coming all the way from Australia, with so many unknowns between getting here and all the potential difficulties, the MRket Sales Team made the entire process quite simple. Everything about the show was smooth and friendly. It makes you feel welcome. The July show is important for us because we’re all about color which lends itself to the Spring/Summer market. I’m really happy with the show.”

David Smith
David Smith

“What I like about the MRketNY show is the people here; it feels like a family. It’s about business, but it’s also about respect amongst exhibitors and customers. This market is important for our company because we’re introducing our sportswear line, which is something we haven’t done in 30 years. We’re very happy with the quality of buyers; all the “majors” came. We’ve received positive feedback from our clients and just had a really good show overall.”

Jun Kwon
Sanyo Shokai New York, Inc.

“I thought MRketNY was a great show. Phenomenal in fact! We saw people from all over the country. It being our second year in business, the show is great exposure and Vanguards Gallery in particular is a great platform for us.”

Michael McClung

“I think the timing of the MRket show is good and I think your company effort in bringing some of the Las Vegas shows together under one roof is very good. Overall, it’s a successful market.”

Murry Penner
M Penner (Houston, TX)

“We had a good experience at MRket Las Vegas in February. I thought the merchandise mix was quite good. We picked up new things and new business as well. We looked at Flynt, Andrew J. Shirts and Madison Creek Outfitters, to name a few. I just really like the ease of working the show. I think MRket has a great thing going! I also love the merchandising done in the front of the show with Michael Macko. The displays are always fun to see and they give you an idea on how to merchandise your store better and get a look at vendors we wouldn’t have thought of. Keep it up!”

John Cole
Walker Bros Dry Goods (Fayetteville, AR)

“As a West Coast-based company, MRket New York is an important opportunity for us to see East Coast and Northeast retailers. We’ve seen great quality retailers which is what we’ve come to expect from this show. The buyers are all the top level guys we hope to see and everyone in between.”

Andrew Tastad
Gordon Rush

“Traffic at MRket New York has been phenomenal! We had people waiting at our table as soon as it cleared. All the retailers have been very good quality. I’m particularly happy about the younger marketplace making this show a part of their stops. It’s important to be here because all of our customers are here. You gotta fish where the fish are!”

John Minahan
Gitman Shirts

“It’s our first time exhibiting at the New York show and we’re here because of MRket’s reputation. We’re a part of Vanguards Gallery which is a good mix for us. It’s nice to see all the Canadian retailers as well as a lot of the U.S. stores that we reached out to. One of my favorite parts about being here is the venue. The Javits Center is really good and it’s easy to get to. That ‘ease of entry’ for retailers is important – people are willing to come into New York.”

Sabrina Silvestri
Circle of Gentlemen

“It’s important for people to see us at MRket New York. We’re here for the exposure and visibility. The look of the show is good and I absolutely love the music! The whole show is very positive.”

Patrizio Tognozzi
Bernard Zins

“We’ve been here since day one and will be with MRket forever. It’s an easy, understandable show. MRket’s whole concept is nice; this show has the right vendors which is key because we want to be in an area with exhibitors who fit our customer base. We sell to all better specialty stores and that is exactly what MRket New York attracts. I’ve seen some of the very best stores coming in. This show is instrumental in our growth as a company for all the customers we gain. We love the show.”

Andrew De Vries
Andrew J

“We’re very loyal to MRket New York and have been coming for 16 years. The show had a lot of class acts in January. We certainly did find new designers and spent quite a bit of money. Empire Clothing from Canada was one booth that stood out to us, as well as Chrysalis, Seaward + Stearn London, Jack Victor, Stone Rose, and Paul Betenly Clothing. The quality of exhibitors was excellent!”

Louis Everard
Everard's Clothing (Washington, DC)

“The feedback we received from our friends and buyers was that we were best suitable for MRket Las Vegas and we’ve seen bigger names here. Show management is really helpful - everyone from the service desk and up. We had zero problems with move in and out.”

The British Belt Company

“The buyers at MRket Las Vegas are great quality. MRket is a great show!”

Sebastien Scemla
Sebastien James

“We have luxury product and it’s important for us to be at MRket Las Vegas to gain visibility because it puts us in front of the right mix of retailers. Traffic was excellent and we reached the good quality stores that we wanted to. I like our location on the floor and the neighboring exhibitors; we work together. I also love the look of the show and the Sands Expo. Everything was perfect and I’m very happy!”

Sandy Altman
Kinross Cashmere

“Show management at MRket Las Vegas is always the best and it’s been a successful show. It is great to be able to meet with so many retailers."

Steve Barr

“Everything at MRket Las Vegas was good; the shoes were especially great!”

Dean Boone
Hornor & Harrison (Parkersburg, WV)

“MRket Las Vegas is a good show with great quality exhibitors. There is a good product mix and we found what we were looking for during the August edition.”

Jimmy Hicks
McPherson’s (Nashville, TN)

“The quality of exhibitors at MRket Las Vegas is excellent! As far as the merchandise mix, there is definitely a good variety.”

Joel Korelitz
Blaine’s Fine Apparel (Cincinnati, OH)

“MRket Las Vegas is important because I do business with Bills Khakis, Corbin, Eyebobs, The Bird Dog Group, and Reyn Spooner. I’ve had my store for 29 years and I do not shop any other Las Vegas show.”

Mike Carter
Carter’s Men’s Clothing (Phoenix, AZ)

“I like the layout of MRketLV because it creates a positive flow. As always, the same standard of great, quality retailers were shopping MRket and the show management team is terrific. The MRket show is important for us because it focuses on the core customers in this business. These are my target customers and I am grateful that I get to see them at MRket.”

Tom Tarcconi

“This past edition of Vanguards Gallery was a good show and great orders were written. I loved the look of the show and the show management team was amazing. Vanguards Gallery at MRket is important for us because it opens us up to a whole new market. It has introduced us to stores we would have never been exposed to. This was our third time at Vanguards Gallery and it has placed us right in the middle of everything. The whole experience has been amazing.”

Cliff Wilson
Armstrong & Wilson

“This was our first time exhibiting in the Las Vegas edition of Vanguards Gallery and while it has a different vibe than the New York show, it was a great show for us. The décor of the show looked great and there was a lot of important networking going on. Retailers I had never met before came to our booth already knowing about us, which was very cool. They found out about our brand from the MRket website, email blasts and the show newsletter.”

Megin Spivey

“The relationships and networking we have built at Vanguards Gallery at MRket has been excellent. In addition to all the people we have met through Michael Macko in Vanguards Gallery, the show has provided us introductions to key players in the industry. The Vanguards Gallery team is amazing – another key reason we participate in the show. The customer service we are provided with just goes above and beyond any other show that I have been part of. It is great to be among the collections in Vanguards Gallery at MRket. We all want to help each other and do great business."

Daniel Genco

“What stands out to me about MRketNY is the quality of exhibitors and how easy the show is to navigate. The floor is laid out very well and you can find everything effortlessly. It was a successful trip.”

Colin Ward
Michael Kehoe Ltd. (Burlington, VT)

“I have really enjoyed attending MRketNY over the past years. It is where most of the higher quality vendors are and it’s nice to be able to do all of our business in one stop. The show looked really, really good too! I thought the presentation at the entrance was great. When I walked in, it definitely caught my attention. As far as the layout of the floor, it’s very easy to navigate and I was able to find my way around with no problems.”

Taylor Shine
Kirby's (Tampa, FL)

“We had a great show. Every one of our appointments showed up. And for Spring/Summer ’13, we were very, very excited about the turn out and the enthusiasm for our new line. Overall, we are very happy and are looking forward to the MRketNY show in Vegas and for it to be as enthusiastic and as well-attended as the one in New York.”

Thomas Hooven
Barbour Inc.

“…every person we met at MRketNY is a key player either with their own speciality store or a buyer for the blue chip groups and department stores. The MRket Team provides us with everything we need so we are in very good hands. As a small company based in England, it is vital that we have a show like MRketNY to help promote and market sales in the US.”

Roshini Aluwihare
Codis Maya

“I like the layout of this edition of MRKetNY - all the UK brands placed together in the same aisle is nice. I also like Vanguards Gallery very much. It’s a nice opportunity for new and upcoming designers. It’s good to see.”

Hilary Freeman
Edward Green

“This is our first MRketNY show and in terms of exposure, networking and meeting new people - which are all things that are valuable to us as a new brand- we’ve been hugely successful! We’re happy with the quality of retailers and met a lot of the people we were hoping to meet.”

Todd Stock
T.M. Stock

“What stands out to me about MRketNY is that it’s the proper demographic, the proper audience… the proper everything! The show is well put together and as far as appearance, MRketNY looked incredible. Traffic was phenomenal and the floor was clean and easy to navigate.”

Adam J. Schoenberg
Hook + Albert

“MRketNY is important for our brand because of the quality of buyers it attracts. We wanted to show our product to good specialty stores and MRketNY is where to do it. It’s our ideal customer.”

Patricia Vergara
Fabrizio Gianni

“We do around 14 trade shows a year and MRketNY is always the best run, most attended, and helps grow our business in a meaningful way. We don’t have any outside reps, so our time at trade shows is very important to connect with our existing customers and this show always delivers.”

Peter Smathers Carter
Smathers & Branson

“MRket is important to us because the level of quality in menswear at the show, especially in the Italian section, is ideal placement for our company. The show floor was very navigable. It was well-designed and well put together.”

Emily Oatis
Components by John McCoy

“MRket is important to us because it allows us to reach out to the market we want to target. We did our research beforehand and found that this is where we belong. The show was fantastic and we had a good response. I also really like the Vanguards Gallery concept because I come from a more contemporary background.”

Jose Aguinaga

“The quality of stores we were looking for were at MRketLV. Buyers were receptive to new and interesting product and they embraced us wholeheartedly. We more than met our sales goals- we happily exceeded them. We’re over-the-moon thrilled with how the show went. Very successful!”

John Overgaard

“This was our first time at MRketNY and it exceeded our expectations. We picked up so many new accounts and met with amazing quality retailers. The show compliments what we do; their customer is our customer.”

Ontario Armstrong
Armstrong & Wilson

“MRketNY is a good show for the true specialty and moderate to better clothing stores. You can find things here that hopefully aren’t all over the place. The show has a good group of exhibitors and various items in each category. Also, the grooming spa was great; best shave I’ve ever had!”

Paul Simon
Simon & Sons (Newton, MA)

"MRketNY is important to us because the quality of retailers we meet with are the ones we prefer to do business with. Traffic was good at the January edition and retailers were able to find everybody easily, which can be a struggle at shows like this. We also like the team at MRket and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the shows.”

Kelly Leimberg
Hickey Freeman/Worn

“MRketNY is important because it caters to our customer; well-dressed men of sophisticated taste levels. We appreciated the sales team facilitating our presence on the show’s mobile app, as well as their authentic enthusiasm towards Ghurka during this market.”

Solveig R. Klein

“MRketNY in January was a great show. We usually gear towards the Italian exhibitors, but it was nice to see the UK originated designers and their setup. We’re also glad SAXX underwear was there because we picked up a collection with them. We always have a great experience at MRket.”

Lindsey Morton Gaiser
Andrisen Morton (Denver, CO)

"The layout and quality of vendors at MRketNY are good."

Houshang Taghi
A. Taghi (Houston, TX)

"Vanguards Gallery provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our collection in an ideal setting and be personally introduced to buyers and press we would otherwise not have had the chance to meet at other shows. The space was laid out well and the central location ensured it was a focal point of the show. We are satisfied that our participation succeeded in raising the profile and building awareness of the brand."

Ricky Hendry

"We are proud and grateful to have participated in the Vanguards Gallery during this past July edition of MRket. The reception by the stores and media we met has been phenomenal and we loved being bombarded by all the bloggers that came to the show. It was a very successful show experience for us."

Percey Steinhart
Stubbs & Wootton

"In short, I have to say after many years of showing pretty much all over the world, that MRket exceeded our expectations superbly. The venue, staff, support and certainly the catering were all first class. Our position was wonderful and the level of buyers was top notch. We made some wonderful connections, wrote orders with some very special customers and left for London tired but very positive."

Michael Whitby-Grubb
Penrose London Ltd

"Thank you for making our experience at our first MRket show such a positive one. I must say that your staff and catering team outdid themselves at every opportunity. The quality of buyers that attended MRket was very good and we made some excellent contacts. I look forward to future shows.”

Russ Klein
Hanro of Switzerland/ Falke USA

"Once again the MRket show at the Javits Center was a huge success. As always, the entire MRket show management team was courteous, attentive and extremely helpful. The retailers love the show and feel it is a pleasure to work. Over the last few seasons MRket has become an important show for Stone Rose and we hope that continues well into the future."

William Levy
Stone Rose

"We had a very positive experience at this July’s edition of MRketNY. Between the breadth of new accounts we opened and the ability we had to strengthen relationships with old accounts made for a very successful show. MRket provides an excellent forum for us to showcase our products. The show management team is very friendly, the venue is great and the brands that show in MRket are very complimentary. MRket has definitely emerged as the premier tradeshow for designers and stores alike."

Peter Smathers Carter
Smathers and Branson

"This past edition of MRket was a great experience for us. We had a great show and well exceeded our expectations. Before the show opened we had 63 confirmed appointments and we ended up seeing over 93 accounts during the three days. The atmosphere at MRket is amazing, comfortable and very easy to work in. I truly appreciate show management’s effort in making MRket such an enjoyable show to be part of. The entire 34 Heritage Team looks forward to the upcoming Las Vegas show."

Ardie Ulukaya
34 Heritage

“For True Grit, the February edition of MRketLV was our best market to date. We were up approximately 20% and busy all three days. The show itself was more active; people were interested in sitting down and doing serious business as opposed to just looking and seeing. We also had a nice crossover from Moda Las Vegas, which was great. People that were there for just women’s, ended up writing orders for menswear as well.”

Michael Kofoed
True Grit

"MRket is THE show to attend in Las Vegas- wouldn’t change a thing!"

Kevin Williams
Williams Clothier (Fort Collins, CO)

"MRket is a great show! Keep it up."

Dick Stallone
Stallones (Anchorage, AK)

"There’s always a good mix of new vendors and the key existing vendors that we currently use. It’s just a very easy and pleasant show for us to work. The MRket team does such a great job of organizing, and we love the current venue."

Pat Mon Pere
Patrick James (Fresno, CA)

"This MRket show was great for us. We have been really busy and our accounts love coming to the show; we had many appointments and a great deal of “drop-bys” as well. We have found great success here, so we plan on making a bigger booth next time!"

Lauren Stohlman
Tommy Bahama

"This edition of MRket was the best show we have ever had - highly organized, excellent traffic flow and a pleasant and positive environment!"

Thomas Tarricone

"MRket just has an overall positive vibe; we have been exhibiting since the beginning. This past edition in February was an amazing show. The traffic throughout the floor was consistent and retailers were able to come into our booth and sit down, which I feel gives the show a more personal touch."

Allison Basilz
Age of Wisdom

"This February edition of MRket has been a busy proposition straight from 8am to 6pm. In addition to the who’s who of retailers seen on the show floor, the vibe is amazing. The retailers are really enjoying the show, which is a very important aspect of our business."

James Benton
Hawke & Co.

"MRket NY has really grown since its inception. The show is neat, organized and I like the location at the Javits Center. I also enjoy the good food - having it available for buyers is time saving."

Brian Cohen
Harpers (State College, PA)

"We always attend MRket NY and Vanguard to get an overview of what is out there for our customers. We are consistently looking for new lines and will always remain loyal to the New York market for those resources. Show management does a nice job. I like the show's location and the setup."

Michael Culwell
Culwell & Son (Dallas, TX)

"I enjoyed MRket NY very much. It was a huge help to have worked some big appointments while in New York and also nice to have worked with these vendors in a calm, focused environment."

Jacqueline Britton
Marshall Retail Group (Las Vegas, NV)

"We loved MRket NY. Simple is good. It was easy to navigate and we were able to find a new brand, Bills Khakis. The food was tasteful and nutritious, which is very important to us."

Nicole Miller
Blackbird (Seattle, WA)

"I found this season at MRket to be very smooth; from registering, paperwork, and badges to set up and break down, the process was much smoother. There were a lot of specialty stores at MRket who came by our booth. We were quite busy!"

Jonathan Radcliffe

"We had a very successful run at MRket. The quality of the show was tremendous - quality of buyers, quality of vendors, show layout, venue workers, etc. The decor and amenities for buyers provided a great environment for business. Left Coast Tee opened more new accounts than we were expecting at MRket."

Gary Wasserman
Left Coast Tee

"MRket was a great show. I wrote 42 new accounts during the three day span. I found that I had consistent flow of traffic throughout all three days of the show. Age of Wisdom is a more contemporary men's line and I felt we stood out and were able to capture the attention of better men's stores wanting more contemporary product lines. At other shows, we would have blended in.MRket is also a great place for designers just starting out who want to be seen, yet do not have the connections in the specialty market."

Allison Basile
Age of Wisdom