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MRKET_story_icon1“Stitch, Accessories the Show, MRKT VG” | By: Deborah Belgum | Feb. 26, 2015

Just about everybody was happy at the trio of shows organized by Business Journals Inc., except for the Canadian buyers wandering the Sands Expo at Venetian/Palazzo, where the shows were held. “We’re not particularly happy with the American dollar right now,” they said, referring to the strong U.S. dollar, which makes goods more expensive for international buyers. READ MORE




“Las Vegas Fashion Shows Focus on Creating Unique Experiences” | By: TSNN News | Feb. 26, 2015

During one week in February in venues spread throughout Las Vegas, there are no less than 17 individual fashion shows going on at the same time. Making sure each show is memorable as a standalone event is key and often accomplished through creating a unique experience that leaves in an indelible impression. READ MORE


“THE GQ EYE: MRket Watch Libero Ferrero Portage” | By: Sean Hotchkiss | Jan. 25, 2012

The MRket show in NYC, and Vegas has gotten a freshening up in the last three seasons with industry veteran Michael Macko presiding over Vanguards Gallery: a curated spotlight on either young brands making an impact or established labels with something new to say: Libero Ferrero is the former. READ MORE


“THE GQ EYE: MRket Watch Gitman Bros. Cashmere Ties” | By: Sean Hotchkiss | Jan. 25, 2012

These buttery cashmere ties come in every conceivable shade: cuz if you have to knot one everyday, it may as well be natty. Look for ‘em later this year. $195. READ MORE


“MRket Las Vegas Impressions & Details” | By: Sven Raphael Schneider | Aug. 22, 2012

At MRket, it seems like the parade of interestingly dressed people and remarkable detail of clothing items, such as shoes and bow ties,keeps flowing. Such a gathering is always a good opportunity to gather new ideas, twists on old classics, and challenge oneself to make the most out of a wardrobe with the new season in mind. READ MORE





The GQ EYE…GQ.COM…MRket Watch – “The MRket show is NYC and Vegas has gotten a freshening up in the last three seasons with industry veteran Michael Macko presiding over Vanguards Gallery…”


 Time Out New York – Street fashion: MRket show “The menswear event was crawling with snazzy shirts and eye-catching cufflinks.”be the new Vanguards Gallery.”


Las Vegas Show Impressions…”Several strong style trends were on view at the major trade shows inLas Vegas last week.  New spins on traditional men’s outerwear were big news at MRket.”

NYC’S MEN’S MARKET REPORT: GOOD VIBRATIONS…”MRket returned to the Javits Center and provided visitors with a strong onsite trend presentation curated by menswear insider Michael Macko.”

YOUR GUIDE TO THE NYC MENSWEAR MARKET…”Business Journals Inc.’s MRket show returns to the Javits and says its exhibitors’ main trend for the season will be “classic, sartorial dressing. Vanguard’s Gallery section will feature emerging designers and brands and is usually worth a gander. Curated by [Michael] Macko, it will feature 13 exhibitors this season…

Men’s Retailers Remain Upbeat About Future…”MRKET: Even the most traditional of men’s brands broke out of the box for spring, embracing the explosion of color and slimmer silhouettes that have transformed the face of the industry over the past several seasons. The show highlighted updates in dress shirts and neckwear, knitwear and casual pants, along with novelty accessories from a mix of new and more-established vendors.”

Shows in Vegas Tell Color Story For the Spring…”Terry Pillow, CEO of Tommy Bahama Group, which showed at MRket, said it was the busiest show in the brand’s history.”
“MRket’s been dubbed by some as one of the closest things to menswear heaven Pitti outside of Florence, the show quietly & tastefully brings in some of the world’s most coveted & classic menswear labels. While far from no frills (the show’s got mealtime on lock with surprisingly decent catering & the show itself is thoughtfully merchandised & appointed), MRket knows their buyers & vendors like that back of their own hands, working tirelessly to put on a great show.”


MRket Bustling…”The trade show floor was bustling at the MRket trade show, said Don Kerkes, President of the men’s group Tommy Bahama.  This is the best-attended trade show.  We have not had a seat available.”







The Significant Other: – BKLYN DRY GOODS X MICHAEL MACKO AT MRKET “As two weeks of tradeshow coverage come to a close, I wanted to end with something exceptional. I found just that in this installation at MRket…The installation were a collaboration between BKLYN Dry Goods, (which I recently mentioned in my 2011 round up) and the great Michael Macko, a menswear veteran and Valet.‘s editor at large. Composed of six vignettes, in two sets of three, the installation was the first thing that greeted show attendees. Each one conveyed a different theme – from Woodsman to World Traveler – and incorporated products from the show that were handpicked by Macko. Jahn and Kurt of BKDG lent their exceptional merchandising skills and vintage props to complete each one. The level of detail that went into the entire project was astounding…”